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Far, Far Away
Michael C. Riedlinger

Anyone who has met and spoke with me for any length of time has typically been treated to two of my favorite subjects: Star Wars and Soccer. Hell, I even confuse people here in the States by calling it football. If the subjects don’t come up somehow, then usually tattoos have in some way, and I’ve got one for each, on each shoulder. On the left is a Mandalorian emblem, and on the right is the crest for Manchester United. These facts are well known to my friends, so last week they all started sending me the same video, over and over. Even my ex-wife sent it to me in a rare show of “no one loves soccer and Star Wars more than this guy”. So then, why don’t I love the new Addidas World Cup commercial featuring Chalmun’s Cantina in Mos Eisley from Star Wars?

Pretty much the coolest idea ever

First off, the sport doesn’t really feature in the commercial at all. Sure, it’s about how everyone comes together for Earth’s greatest sport, but only because they tell us so. David Beckham features prominently in it, but he’s playing Brit ex-pat hanging in a strange world, which he’s done quite well while being useless in Los Angeles. Then there’s the duo from Daft Punk. I love Daft Punk, but they don’t scream “FOOTBALL” to me. Nor, for that matter, does a light saber wielding Snoop Dogg. All of these disparate elements come together like this:

Funny, I admit, but not something that has ANYTHING to do with soccer, let’s be honest. The second major issue I have is that the folks at Adidas seem to have given up on capitalizing on American passions for the world’s favorite sport and have decided to use the same tactics Hollywood has used to sell us loads of crap.

Who loves 'splosions? This guy loves 'splosions!

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